Uncategorized Japanese Essentials: Asking a Question at a Store

So far we’ve learned a few simple phrases on how to ask for an item and how to ask for a price of an item. In this article we’re learn...

Posted by on August 19, 2017
Coto Events in September 2017

Book our events online or contact us at Lunch Tour Thursday, August 31 Kagurazaka is an enchanting neighborhood located 5 minutes walking from the Coto Academ...

Japanese Essentials: How Much Does This Cost?

How to ask how much something costs in Japanese will greatly help you with your shopping experience in Japan.

Dealing With Mold In Japan During The Rainy Season

Tokyo has no shortage of rain during 梅雨つゆ (the rainy season) and with the additional rain comes an additional problems. Warmth, humidity and poor ventilation combine to form a summ...

Obon, A Japanese Tradition Honoring The Ancestors’ Spirits

The bonodori is a spiritual dance to welcome the spirits. Every region has a local dance and a different music.

5 Ways to ‘Get-to-Know’ Mountain Day (山の日) in Tokyo

What is Japan’s newest holiday about, and can we actually celebrate it in Tokyo?

Coto Academy 3 Year Anniversary 100 Lesson Special!

At Coto we’re very excited about our upcoming 3rd year anniversary and as a big thank you to all our current and potential new students we are pleased to announce...

Japanese Essentials: Ask for Something in a Store

Shopping in Japan can be a daunting experience for new language learners. Even if you can read basic hiragana or katakana the different font styles and designs can make reading...

Japanese Essentials: How to Ask For Directions in Japanese

In Japan, streets are not named but have numbers – with the exception of the main roads. Thus, finding your way around the cities can be challenging.

Japanese Essentials: How to Ask Where Something Is?

We are continuing our Essential Japanese series with a look at being able to ask where something is. Very similar to English, Japanese language has interrogative words and theyR...

What You Need to Know About Japan’s New Job Hunting Visa

The new Designated Activities visa allows foreign students actively seeking employment after graduation to stay in Japan.

Japanese Essentials: How to ask if a place is nearby

Asking for directions in Japanese is very easy and a good way to meet the locals. Follow our handy vocabulary guide to learning how to ask if a place is nearby.

Gregory: Aroused By Tasty Smells

How long have you been in Japan and why did you decide to move here? I’m back in the U.S. now; I was in Tokyo for two months. I’ve always...

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